Musk Cohort Update

My name is Emma Markland and I am a sophomore in the Musk Cohort in Innovation Diploma. Last year, I enjoyed working with a non-profit organization called Magic Wheelchair. I really hope to pursue things that I am interested in this year in iD, including learning more about interior design, students learning, and many other things.

During the first six weeks of iDiploma this year, we have done a lot. First, we started the year learning about ethnography and making observations, which has really helped us in the long run. We learned about making detailed observation locally on the Glenn Campus, then put that to work in the classrooms.  We also ventured over to the Founders Campus to observe how the kids use the frontier. We used the many different ways to sort our observation in order to use them to solve problems and create new projects. Next, we applied our new understanding of ethnography into redesigning and improving the 2018 Upper School Schedule. My group focused on the GTD (getting things done) class. Because the schedule was different from the previous year, we were able to discover many insights and pieces of feedback from students and faculty. We observed how students used the new schedule differently, and then interviewed faculty and students. We heard about many things that are working and many other things that aren't working. In the end, we found we simply need to change the location and create a better system involving student choice.  We hope to present the idea to the design teams and receive feedback soon.

Written by Emma Markland, a 10th grader in the Musk Cohort, making this her second year in iD. In her free time, she spends most of her time on the soccer field. She has been playing soccer since she was 3 and has been playing at UFA Norcross, her soccer club club, since she was 8. To learn more about what Emma has been up to, check out her blog here.