SPARK Roundup

Two months ago, a team of seven Innovation Diploma students set out to create an event specifically designed to bring adults and students together for intentional and creative conversations. They wanted to set up a time and space for students to connect with business leaders, non-profit organizers, government officials and students from all over Atlanta. Last Thursday their hard work paid off when 80 people attended the first ever SPARK.

The morning began with Dr. Brett Jacobsen (Head of School, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School), Jack Harris (President and CEO, Junior Achievement), and Alex Rodriguez (a multi-unit Chick-fil-A operator) highlighting their personal triumphs and posing current problems for the audience to solve. After a brief Q&A, the ID team lead everyone through a design sprint to develop unique solutions for the speakers' problems. By the end of the morning, there were numerous new ideas for each of our speakers to take back to their organization. 

Be on the look out for an invitation to the spring SPARK later this semester!